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Enjoying a Splash in the Hartford21 Bathroom

Taking a bath is not just a matter of applying the ritual of washing oneself with water but should be a way of enjoying the shower of warm water on the body that adds to a form of relaxation. Or one can just relax in the bathtub with a pool of warm water mixed with herbal oils and flowers.

The bathroom space of the Hartford21 apartment complex is larger than a standard hotel bathroom and is almost one half the size of the bedroom, with the same 9-foot ceiling. The resident user has an option to use either cold, warm or warmer water as a built-in instant water heater is attached above the elegantly designed shower where one can control the water temperature of water flow.

The inside of the Hartford21 bathroom is painted with velvet wheat color that adds attraction, and It has a wide grooming area or "powder room," or a make-up room consisting of a wide-angle mirror on top of a finely-crafted built-in table with a drawer and cabinets below that serves as storage area. Beside the grooming area is the bathtub separated by a plastic curtain.

On the opposite side is the toilet bowl. Light brown tiles line the floor of the bathroom, and the ambient lighting is complemented by a refreshing natural scent. The architectural integrity of the Hartford21 apartment complex facilities make way for residents to attain their personal goals while at the same time enjoying their stay at apartment of their choice. 

Beside the grooming area is the sink where one can just wash the face or hands. The sink can also be used to wash a small pieces and number of clothes and can be initially drip-dried at the towel rings. as an alternative, the fully furnished Hartford21 apartment complex is furnished with a full size washer and dryer where residents can wash and dry a larger number of clothes.

Two or more persons can utilize the Hartford21 bathroom at the same time adding a touch of greater functionality. It is classic urban living to the fullest as refreshing oneself in a splash at the bathtub or the shower becomes comfort to the maximum. in addition, a generous number of towels are provided, and stainless towel rings are attached to the walls.

Overall the use of the Hartford21 bathroom of the apartment complex adds to the guest's well being and peace of mind since it fully refreshes the individual in a secure environment. Hartford21 provides a 24-hour water supply for the residents and guests.

The outcome of a clean, sanitized and spacious bathroom is the enhancement of health and wellness of the residents and guests. Of course, the next most important thing to the bathroom is the adjacent bedroom where one can relax further after taking a warm bath, an activity that is closely related to an after bath.

In response to the new demands and requirements of the industry standard, and based on the positive reviews of customers, Hartford21 will be upgrading the facility of the bathroom in order to provide more comfort and functionality in the near future. You can go to site : http://www.hartford21.com/

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